Monday, August 25, 2008

Edifice to the Double Wide Trailer

We have this edifice which represents sound management practices; it’s a concrete sidewalk which leads to nothing. It leads to nothing now but at one time it leads to a double wide job trailer which was going to house a component of the firm.

This was not a grand double wide, but one like most which had seen better days. With it’s broken windows and duct tap on the walls. Like most things there was a grand vision behind the idea, but was it wise management decision?

Much like war, business decisions are based on sound decisions, based on analysis of market data, demand, planning, long range business plan and execution. Not like firing a scud missile and then trying to aim it once it’s in flight.

As you may now guess, the double wide trailer was not clearly thought out or a success. Once you have the trailer in place with its walk, there are still many things which need to be put in place to support it. Utilities have to be installed to support life functions of those who will inhabit it. They will also need access to the tools which they to use to perform their task to keep things moving forward. And, as you may now also guess, that was more expensive than thought.

We all make decisions on a whim, not to say that some are not good ones, but more likely than not they fall short of the mark. Now technology is viewed in the same light as the double wide trailer.

To be on the technology edge and not still using stone tablets and chiseled is a tough decision for anyone to make. This shooting from the hip should not be the same management process for making decisions about this.

For a period of time (around eight years) the most production was put out on the oldest and slowest computer in house. Pressed into service in the summer of 1999, this machine served loyally and faithfully until fall of 2007. At which time it was replaced with a newer old machine.

With the rage of the latest bim software, (a little behind the time for some) and all that it will do, informed decisions still need to be made on how to implement this into the work place. Resources have been used to acquire, train and implement its use. But, they have fallen short of the goal even with the younger generations.

Between the generations there seems to e some misunderstanding about what it will do. Boomer’s think that it will turn the tide of battle and will boost the momentum forward. It will do more with less, and anyone can run it. Gen X & Y understand it and all it will do. They will be able to work much the way they have grown up-in a digital, three-dimensional world.

There is one factor that escapes all the generation’s, you can have the fastest machine with latest software, and when operator sits down in front of it, it is only as good as the knowledge of it’s operator. Integration needs to be a uniform process where a knowledge base comes along also.

Least we forget the lessons learned, knowledge and continued training are what shape our future. Unless we continue to invest in those resources and assets which day-in and day-out has gotten us through the battle and on to the next one? We are doomed to repeat lessons from the past.

Let us not forget our sidewalk which leads to no where.

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Jose said...

how can we give life to the sidewalk?
will a small steping stone help

how much site preparation can you do before bringing in the small portable shed where you will store the steping stones for the bigger picture?

you are right the technology could help but we need the shed before the trailer.